Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ahhh, the Mass/Cyst

Since my GYN was on vacation last week, I tried not to think about everything too much. That being said, I gave the office some time on Monday and called mid-day. I heard back from the doctor around 4pm and she said the radiology report says there was NOTHING found.

I should be happy about this. Except...

Saturday, while we were in Luray, I had a really bad pain episode. Probably the worst I've had since June 2015. My husband "threatened" to take me to the ER. I probably should've let him. Anyhow, during the episode (which lasted the better part of an hour), I had to stop walking several times to breathe through the pain.

When I told my doctor about this, she asked if I took anything for the pain. I hadn't. Mostly because I didn't have anything with me, but also because I really hate taking medication for the sake of taking medication. Yes, I know it can help. I find that pain medication doesn't help all that much for this particular problem. By the time the medication gets into my system, the pain has naturally died down anyhow.

My doctor was quick to dismiss the pain episode and wants me to see my primary care to rule out GI issues.

I'd like a second opinion about the mass/cyst.

So, that's what I'm going to do - get a second opinion. If the second opinion also thinks I should rule out GI issues, then I will.

More waiting and testing to come.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Small Update about the Mass/Cyst

There's not a whole lot more information I have about the mass/cyst in my ovary. It's still bothering me (which never happened until the ultrasound), so I'm looking forward to more information about it and hopefully getting it removed.

I had an MRI last week and was hoping to hear the results before the weekend. My doctor wasn't able to get to them before she left for vacation. Her office says she'll be working on her inbox this week and they may call with results/to schedule an appointment this week.

So, for now, more waiting.

Since we're waiting and waiting and waiting, I decided it's time to get back to eating at home more often. We'd gotten into a bad habit of going out when I just don't want to cook. I have to get over that feeling! We subscribed to PlateJoy, kind of like eMeals, but better. PlateJoy allows you to put in likes/dislikes, allergens, things you want to avoid in recipes, how many of each type of meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) you want, etc. Also, in the first couple of weeks, both the owner & my personal chef contacted me via email. So far, we've liked everything we've made from PlateJoy. (Side note: if you want a free 10 day trial, let me know & I can send you information on it. Not sure how their trials work since I found them & subscribed on my own.)

We figure we'll plan out the week using the PlateJoy meals as Whole 30 meals (that's how I have my PJ account set up) and then everything else will be either Paleo or gluten free. It gives us some flexibility to have non-W30 meals, while keeping the majority of our diet in line with W30. I'm not claiming we're doing a W30, by any means, but we needed to clean it up, so that's what we're doing.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

And Then There Was a Mass (or Cyst?)

Note: In the interest of this blog becoming more about my everyday health, I'm posting this. It's very personal, but it's part of life these days.

Since the Fuck It List post, I've learned that I have a mass/cyst on my right ovary.

Long story short, my periods have been getting worse (than they were - which still wasn't a walk in the park) since June 2015. I've always had pain that feels like it's in the bone when I get cramps, but they were getting so bad that I couldn't function the first couple of days of my period.

Doctors tend to ignore you... until you find the right doctor.

I finally found a doctor who listened to me. She did a pap smear, pelvic exam, blood work, and ordered an ultrasound. During the pelvic exam, I had some pain on my right side - which is where my bad cramps always are.

I had the ultrasound done on Monday; which was my first ever - since I don't have kids, I've never had the pleasure of having an ultrasound done. The technician did the transabdominal ultrasound & then the transvaginal ones. During the transvaginal one, the radiologist was in the room. He told me that there was a solid mass on my right ovary, that it had blood flow to it, and I needed to talk with my GYN as soon as possible - but to give them 1-2 days to get the results to my doctor. He also said that if I didn't hear from her by Wednesday afternoon, I should call her. Thankfully, I was going to see her on Wednesday morning specifically to go over results, so I didn't have to worry about that.

Later that day, I got a call from the GYN's office saying my pap smear and blood work came back and was normal. At least that was good news!

On Wednesday, Jon & I went to my follow-up appointment. Basically, she gave me options for birth control to control the heavy period. Then we got into the radiology report. She got a little more serious & we went over "next steps". Basically, I need to get an MRI done - as soon as possible. They don't know what kind of cyst it is and they need to get a better look. With the pain I described to her, she thinks it may be sitting on a nerve, but can't be 100% sure.

Our guess, which has not been confirmed yet, is that I'll end up needing surgery to have the mass/cyst removed.

I threw a pity party all week last week - complete with junk food & doing nothing. It was just what I needed. This week, I've got workouts planned, to include boxing (I need to hit something in a healthy way!), and I have meals planned. It will be a better week.

Stay tuned!