Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Space Coast Half Marathon 2014: Challenger; November 30


The day after Thanksgiving, we hit the road at about 4am and drove straight down to Cocoa Beach, FL. Thank goodness that we took turns driving. We made it around 5:30pm, which was fabulous time!

On Saturday, we did packet pickup right at 9am. The race moved packet pickup from Kennedy Space Center to the Radisson at the Port at their conference center. It definitely worked better than the KSC setup, but it was still a bit crowded in the conference center. We got to meet up with a DC area friend, Valerie.

After packet pickup, we headed to Disney for the day. We still had a couple of days on the annual passes from last year, so we figured we might as well. We decided to park at EPCOT and then went straight to DHS/MGM. I had managed to snag Toy Story Mania fast passes a week before our trip. Yay!

After doing Great Movie Ride, walking around in the Animation area, watching Indiana Jones, we were sitting on a bench and I had this feeling that I needed to check email. So, I did and we got some interesting news about the cruise we were taking after the race.

We tried to "ignore" the news the best we could, rode Toy Story Mania, and then headed over to the Osbourne Festival of Lights. We only got to see about 10 minutes of the show. I could sit for hours and watch the lights! Since we had dinner reservations in EPCOT, we headed back over there to Japan. After a wonderful dinner, we (sadly) went to the car & back to Cocoa Beach. We had an EARLY wake up call the next day!

Race day
We knew that the bus filled up early last year and so we were determined to be there early again this year. The 4:15 bus was filled by 4:05 this year... and we didn't make it on it. We convinced some of the spectators to get on the 5am bus instead. I really wish they'd tell the marathoners to wait until the 5am bus so that the half marathoners (like us) weren't freaking out about not making the 5am bus and start line. We managed to get on the bus (along with a few others) & I sat on Jon's lap.

We got to the starting area & shivered for a little bit. I think next year we may check a bag just to have pre-race warm clothes.

(I'm finishing this up in April 2015, so here's the shortened version)

The start of the race was good - crowded, but good. We started our 1:1 run/walks almost immediately. Around mile 2, we both had to use the restroom. I wish we hadn't needed to because we spent almost 20 minutes in line. Ah well. From there, we continued to do 1:1 throughout the race. Because of our stop, we came in at just about 3 hrs. Not horrible for no training. Maybe one of these years we'll actually train for this race!

Post Race
We headed back to the hotel to shower & finish packing. Once done with that, we checked out, got lunch, and headed over to the Port Canaveral cruise terminals. We knew the cruise wouldn't be the one we were hoping for. The lines to get into the building were horrible. We ended up standing in line for about 3 hours. A guy in front of us passed out (that was fun). Thank goodness we ate lunch! Overall, the cruise was good. The ports we ended up stopping at held no interest for us at all, so we didn't bother getting off the boat. Turned out to be super relaxing that way!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting back in the swing

I feel like I do more "getting back in the swing of things" posts than anything else these days. So, here's the plan for this week.

Mon: TRX workout
Tues: Bike ride
Wed: 5k end of year race
Thurs: Bike ride
Fri: TRX workout
Sat: Run

Along with this comes us getting back into Paleo eating and a Whole 30 looming. This W30 will actually be a Whole X. There's a week or so that will be non-W30 because of some travel coming up, but it is what it is. The reason I say it'll be Whole X is because 1) I have some weight that needs to come off and 2) I feel like crap. So, it's time to get back into this and make it a true lifestyle and be done with the SAD.

Other interesting things this week:
1) I've started using some essential oils (from a non-MLM company). I'll be looking forward to seeing if they actually help.
2) I'm now a Training Peaks Ambassador: to join us!
3) I'm now a Fellow Flowers Ambassador. I'm really looking forward to what 2015 has in store with Fellow Flowers.
4) I'll also be on Team Tough Chik for 2015. Love those ladies!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Long time, no blog

It's been a while since I've blogged! Well, I've been doing TRX workouts & still loving them! We also did Space Coast Half Marathon again this year. I'll do a race report soon. 

I meant to start training for Shamrock this week, but then got sick. Stupid head cold. Seems to get the best of me every time. So, once I'm feeling better, I'll be starting in with that. 

2015's main goal for fitness will be working on my 5k time. Honestly, I need to get super excited about training again, so I think something like a time goal will help. 

Starting Jan 7, I'm going to start doing Whole 30 again. This time without a set end date. I know I feel better when I'm eating better, so I'll just get back into it.

I've also been working on my Health Coach Certification. I've been struggling to get through the reading, so I took one of the practice tests recently. I would've passed it, except it didn't keep a couple of the answers (so it looked like I didn't answer those questions somehow) and then it marked one of them wrong that I had actually gotten right. I did notice a lot of the questions were about people with diabetes though, so I'm guessing there's a good bit of the information in the book on that. Guess I'll keep pushing through the reading. I need to schedule my test by March 1, 2015 (just need to have it scheduled by then, not necessarily taken), so I need to get on it!