Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's Next?

So, I went to the dr today. I love my current general care practitioner. She's younger and a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Basically, DOs are allowed to practice medicine & surgery just like a regular MD. She's also a runner and she would rather treat things as naturally as possible. I'm all about that!

Anyhow... this cough. Oh this cough. It just will not go away. My dr listened to my lungs & told me I'm "not moving air well". Which is not all that surprising considering the fact that I've been at this for almost 4 weeks. So, I'm on an inhaler now & Mucinex DM. Hopefully that helps clear it up pretty quickly. I'm over it for sure!

So, what's next?

Well, my dr told me that I'm allowed to work out. When I mentioned I was supposed to do a 70.3 last weekend, she said "workout, not be crazy." So, I guess that's the gauge.

The next race on my calendar is Colonial Beach Sprint Tri. If this thing clears up relatively quickly, that race shouldn't be a problem at all. The next question would be whether or not I'm going to sign up another tri this season. I'm not 100% sure where I'd put it in my race calendar, especially if I have to travel for it. Honestly, it probably won't happen. Short tri season, I guess. It's been a weird year for me, so I'll just be thankful for what I CAN do and be happy with it.

After CBST, I've got run-only races on the calendar. Guess that means I'd better get to running! First up (for sure) is the Tower of Terror 5k & 10 miler. That'll be a busy day!

I also need to get back "on" with my nutrition. It's been all over the place lately. I think we're going to go back to being mostly Paleo. Just need to get back there. I really need to think of it as fuel for life. That's my struggle these days!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Zooma Half Marathon and Rev3 Williamsburg 70.3 That Weren't Meant to Be

Have you ever had a race that it just wasn't smart to do for whatever reason? I've had a double whammy.

It sucks.

I hate it.

A lot.

We went on vacation in May to Disney. Had a great time... and then I got sick. Nothing huge, a minor cold. I lost my voice. Again, nothing huge. Then I started coughing. Well, it hasn't stopped. For 3 weeks. It's not productive, just annoying.

Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon, May 31
I hoped that I'd be feeling better. I picked up my packet like I was going to race. I even considered downgrading to the 10k instead. I woke up on the 31st and felt horrible. No amount of cough syrup was really helping enough to make me want to be outside and running for up to 3 hrs. So, I stayed in bed. It was the right call, but it blew monkey chunks.

I needed the Fellow Flowers items. It's just too bad I haven't had a chance to wear any of them yet.
Packet. There was also a pair of VERY pink socks in the packet.

Rev3 Williamsburg 70.3, June 15
Again, I hoped I'd be feeling better. In fact, last week I WAS feeling better. Then Thursday, it got bad. Sigh. I emailed to see if there was any way I could possibly defer to next year; knowing the answer was probably going to be no. It was. I went to packet pickup & got everything as if I was going to race, but knew I wasn't going to. In fact, I didn't even bring my stuff to race. The cough was bad in the morning & evening. On Saturday night, J was very concerned about how bad my cough was. Thankfully it calmed down a bit.

T2. Wish I was actually going to be in it the following day!
Love the Rev3 vehicles!
I'm headed to the dr on Thursday to see what's going on with the cough since it's not getting better. Hopefully I can get it figured out before the next race!