Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A big change

We've spent all year making changes. None of them had to do with positive changes to our diet and workouts. I've tried a couple of times to go back to Whole 30, but it hasn't happened.

Recently, there was an article in Simply Gluten Free magazine about Hashimotos and gluten. The quick and dirty is that the gluten protein and thyroid cells are very similar and when the body attacks the gluten protein to get rid of it, the thyroid cells get attacked too. This makes for a really bad cycle, and a really serious one. No more gluten for me. I've been horrible about it this year and it's time to make my change again.

Change #1: No more gluten. 

We took measurements on July 13. They're bad. I mean, technically measurements can't be good or bad, but I didn't love the results. We did "before" pictures last night. Yes, I realize that they were almost a month apart. July was ridiculous. While I did manage to lose 2 lbs and 1/2" here or there, it wasn't a focused effort.

Change #2: Focused effort on managing our weight.

We've been running the Space Coast Half Marathon the weekend after Thanksgiving the past couple of years as part of their Big Bang Series. Last year, we didn't train at all. It showed. So, we're training this year. Guess what started yesterday?! That's right - training. Our first 30 minute walk/run in the books!

Change #3: Train for what you signed up for.

Now that we've sold the house & moved, the kitchen is fully available. One of my "daily chores" is to cook. Jon's taking a knife skills class this month, so hopefully he'll be able to help in the kitchen with prep work every once in a while. Last night's dinner was this. So easy & delicious.

Change #4: Use the kitchen more often.

We'll see what happens!